A very subtle and effective way of not only drawing people to your stand, but keeping them there. They will stay in admiration of the artwork and the performance. They will be receptive to hear your message.

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Each day at this exhibition we produced a different theme.  We can paint our Human Statues to most given themes.  Each theme creates a subtle different reaction for each day. The wild Animal is always going to be more interactive than the stillness and beauty portrayed by the Egyptian queen.


At this Exhibition, in Hamburg, we provided painted leotards to dress the mannequins hanging off the stand as well as those on our Human Statues. It caused quite a stir. Our Client was extremely pleased with both the effect and reactions they got on the stand.  Our Statues helped hand out literature.


A choice of Gold, Silver or Bronze was the promotion theme being advertised on this stand.  We supplied our alternative in our metallic Body Painted Human Statues.  Everyone had their own favourite. A promotion which was well remembered...


Again another hit, as this pair showed off the products on the stand... and a few other things!   Again our Client was pleased with both the effect and reactions they got on their stand.



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