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The STYLE Gallery

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The Classic Statue
Creating Stone/Gold/Silver solid effect.
Time taken approx 1.5 hours - 1 Body Painter per Model.
Classic Animal Body Painting
Creating the effect of fur, designing and detailing a recognisable pattern.
Time taken approx 1.5 hours per Model.
This photo illustrates the transformation of Cold Stone to Body Warmth. 
Time taken approx 2 hours.

Shading and blending into the background.
Time taken approx 1.5 hours.

Clothes Painting

Airbrush Painting directly onto Material.
(A white suit, shirt & tie was specially made for this job).
Time taken 7 hours.

Painting Clothes - Themes & Logos
Painting clothes Suits/T-shirts etc. Painting clothes to create a theme.
Airbrush and Water based make-up.
Time taken approx 2 hours.
Airbrush logos
Company logos or promotional wording.
Airbrush and Crème metallic make-up .
Time taken approx 2 hours per Model.


Combining make-up, props and costumes.
Costume and props are either made or hired in.
Time taken approx 1 hour - Hair & Make-up.



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