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Body Painted Human Statues

How long does it take to paint a body?

It depends on the complexity of the design. A Stone or Metallic Statue takes around 1 hour to paint up.
A suit, an animal print, a themed statue or promotional logo usually would take one 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Do you come 'Painted Up'? Do we need to provide a room?

No we paint on site at your event. We need a secluded room to make-up/paint and change in.
The room should also be available at the end of the event.

At the performance end, do your models need a shower?

Yes,  a shower would be great. Or at the least access to hot water and basin (in a secluded area).

How long do your Statues stand for? Do they move? Do they take breaks?

Our Statues perform for approximately 45 minutes and will do up to 3 stands for an evening event. Breaks are approx 15 to 30 minutes long. In the performance they may move slowly to change positions.

Will the make-up cause a mess? Do you spray the make-up on?

The make-up we use is water based – able to clean if (VERY unusual) it gets on anything. It is applied with sponges and brushes.  We may use colour hair sprays.  Normally we have a cloth down on the floor, when we paint up, but that is more for the comfort of the models bare feet than the very rare chance of making a mess.

We sometimes use an Air brush for detailed stencil designs. Our Air brush system sprays paint. But it is a fine spray, concentrated on a specific area and is not messy in practice.

What do the Statues stand on?

With notice we can supply plinths for the Statues to perform on.

Can the Statues stand outside?... in December?

The models wear very little, so we only perform outside in very clement weather and then, we may need to break the performance up.

 Who turns up? Do the Statues paint themselves?

We specialise in Body Painting. The Statues do not paint themselves. We supply a Make-up Artist/Painter with the Model.

How do the Statues time their performance? Who looks after them?

Our Model/Statues are looked out for by their Minders (i.e. the Painters), regarding performance times, positioning, wayward guests etc.- 

 Can I choose my design?

We are happy to discuss any theme in more detail. As you can see on our website, the range of things we can do is quite varied… The photos of what we’ve been up to is forever expanding. Look at the NEW Photos & NEWS page to see our current crop of photos.

Can you supply accessories?

If we have to hire in any specialised costumes it is charged out at cost.

Our Event is out of town, do you travel?

Travel & Accommodation may be charged outside of the M25, depending on timings and where the Event is held.




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